Welcome to Linux-Support Thomas Berger!

LSTB provides free and commercial services for companies and individuals in the Linux Community and the outside world.

What LSTB can do for your Linux company:

  1. Taking Care of Your Users:
    • Writing and maintaining troubleshooting web sites.
    • Administering your bugtracking system.
  2. Taking Care of Your Public Relations:
    • Representing your interests in Germany.
  3. Taking Care of Your Documentation System:
    • Translating documentation from English into German.
    • Writing documentation in English and German.

What LSTB can do for your representation on the web (free service for GPL developers):

  • Writing and maintaining a homepage for your software.
  • Promoting new versions of your software.

What LSTB can do for your Linux press coverage:

  • Supplying articles in English and German on the history of Linux and current trends in its community.

Interested? Please contact me!

Thomas Berger, Sept. 15th, 1999